Wendy loves to hear from readers!

Answers to most popularly asked questions:

~ Wendy does not have ARCs to give away - so sorry! ARCs (Advance Review Copies) are distributed by the publisher prior to publication for publicity purposes to bloggers and media sources.

~ Signed copies of the books are not available from the author.

~All swag items are reserved for contests and signings. Thank you for understanding.

~ Film rights have not been sold to any of Wendy's books -- no movies or TV shows are currently in the works.

~ Though Wendy would love to read for people and give feedback, there is simply not enough time for her to do so between her own writing, beta reading, and revising. She suggests sharing your work on sites such as Figment, Wattpad, Booksie, or Fictionpress where you can connect with other writers and provide one another with helpful critique (this is how Wendy got her start, after all.)  :)

~ If you would like to interview Wendy, please email her!

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For Film or Translation rights, please email Wendy and her agent, Jill Corcoran (